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VRBO Users

Users of VRBO should be aware that from 31 May 2016 they add a fee of around 8% to each booking, payable by the holidaymaker.

Now I am aware that people want to pay for holidays safely and be confident they are not being scammed, but I think 8% is extremely steep, and this is on top of the 8% (+ VAT, presumably) they will be charging me for bookings from my next renewal.

Therefore bookings through this company are higher than through this site. The rates on this site will not be affected.

I like to think that I have put enough information about my house and myself on this site that you can be sure I am genuine. I prefer to take payment by bank transfer, but will research other means.

If you need any more information to feel your money is safe, you can find me on Facebook and LinkedIn, or you can e-mail or phone me.

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